The Martin Family of Gabriola Island
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Mary Isabella

This is the family of a young man who emigrated from Kent, UK to Canada in 1850. The Gabriola Museum has information of general interest regarding the island. There is material on the Martin family and separate pages on the other pioneer families. In 1791 Jose Maria Narvaez in command of the small schooner Saturnina made the first European expedition to the Strait of Georgia charting the future Gabriola Island and Nanaimo harbor. Gabriola is a lovely wooded island lying in the Strait of Georgia 6 kilometers east of the city of Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) and 27 kilometers west of the city of Vancouver (on the mainland). The island would appear to have been named in honor of Simon Gaviola an aristocrat serving the Spanish Navy in the 17th century. He was from the Basque area of Spain. The island's name first appears in 1791 on charts of the Spanish navy. The current spelling appears to be a copy error by a British cartographer in the 19th century.

The story of the Martin family logically begins with the emigration of Jonathan from England to Vancouver Island. We have been able to trace his family back two generations from the records of The Parish of All Saints in Orpington, Kent, UK.

The church dates from the 13th century. The low tower seen in this photo had to be rebuilt after the storm of 1771.

This baptismal font was used for the baptism of Jonathan and his siblings. It also dates from the 13th century.

The grave yard at All Saints has a separte area for the Canadian soldiers who fell during WWI. It is kept in excellent condition to this day with flowers growing at the base of each cross. A wonderful tribute to the loyal Canadian soldiers who fought for the mother land.

Jonathan's father and possibly his grandfather were farm laborers. He was born Aug.16, 1831 so he was 18 years of age when he signed on with the Hudson's Bay Company for 5 years of service. Salaries were quoted on an annual basis. For the first year of his contract he was paid 14 pounds, 10 shillings and 7 pence. For English and Scottish employees it was not unusual for them to receive half of their initial annual salary in advance. He traveled on the Hudson's Bay Co. ship "Norman Morison" which left Gravesend Oct.18,1849 and arrived in Esquimalt March 24, 1850. This ship was made in Moulmein Burma of teak for the East India Company in 1846 and purchased by the Hudson's Bay Co. in 1848 for 7,750 British Pounds. The ship was 119 feet in length with an 18 foot draught of 529-564 tons displacement. Among the 55 HBC employees on this voyage were Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken and William and Henry Sampson the latter two also from Orpington. The complete passenger list is available. The events of the journey may be found in the "Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken" edited by Dorothy Blakey Smith published in 1975. The Archives of the Hudson's Bay Co. indicate that Jonathan was at Fort Rupert in the northern part of Vancouver Island from 1850 to 1856. The HBC employees were paid an annual wage. In June of 1850 Jonathan received 14 pounds,10 shillings and in 1851 17 pounds Sterling. From the ship's log we have learned that Jonathan served as Steward on the Hudson's Bay ship "Otter" from some time in 1856 until Feb. 19, 1857. The Otter was 122 ft. in length with a beam of 20 feet and a displacement of 220 tons. She was a masted topsail schooner with two auxilliary steam engines driving what at the time was modern screw propulsion. He left the ship to join "the establishment" in Nanaimo. He was Steward at the Hudson's Bay Officer's Mess in Nanaimo in 1857 and 1858. The Mess was in a stone building occupied by Captain Charles Edward Stewart. The HBC Day book dated Oct. 31, 1857 states Jonathan Martin , for 1 month worked as Mess Steward, paid 2Pounds/18/4 and again on Feb. 27, 1858 J. Martin paid 2Pounds/18/4. In 1858 Jonathan was in the Nanaimo Hudson's Bay Co. store purchasing candy, whiskey, gunpowder and shot. At one time the HBC store was in the lower floor of the bastion. The bastion was constructed in 1853 and remains an historic landmark to this day. From marriage certificates we have learned a first son, William, was born in Nanaimo and a first daughter, Mary Isabella, was born in Victoria. Jonathan submitted a request to the surveyor general for a preemption of land at Comiaken in the Cowichan District Oct. 3, 1866. It appears likely that he took a wife of the First Nations at that time as Helen/Ellen was from Cowichan. The name of his wife from Cowichan has been somewhat confusing. On the marriage certificate she was listed as Helen. In his will Jonathan listed her as Ellen and on a grave stone of her son Thomas she was listed as Hellin. Several (6) of the children listed their mother's name as Ellen on their marriage certificate. On her death registration she is "Ellen". To add to the confusion regarding Jonathan's wife or wives we have the baptismal records of four Martin boys, Thomas, John, Joseph and Henry, at St.Paul's Church in Nanaimo in 1876 which list the mother as "Jane". This may be the source of the "Jane" mentioned as a wife in the book "The People of Gabriola" by June Lewis-Harrison. Her history of the Martin family would appear to be in error since we have no record of Jonathan living in Seattle. It would appear she was confusing him with son William as will be seen in the bio. of William. Since John (bd 1867) listed his mother as "Ellen of Cowichan origin" on his marriage certificate I am inclined to believe the children following Mary Isabella were born of the union of Jonathan and Helen/Ellen. That conclusion best fits the temporal sequence of his movements. We do not have marriage certificates of Thomas, Joseph nor Henry to support this position. Son John whose mother was listed as Jane in the baptismal record of St. Paul's in Nanaimo listed his mother as Ellen of Cowichan origin on his marriage certificate. One of these records would appear to be in error. An explanation for the Helen/Ellen name may be that Jonathan spoke with a Cockney accent dropping his "h's", For that reason uncle John and my father listed their mother's name as Ellen. Jonathan next appeared on Saltspring Island where he was a signatory on a Dec. 1868 memorial to the Colonial Secretary from the residents of the Island requesting various government services. He was listed as a farm laborer in 1868 and as a settler in June 1869 while serving as an "Interpreter of Chinook" at the trial of "Tom" accused murderer of William Robinson. Jonathan preempted land at Beaver Point on Saltspring Island Oct. 17,1871. We do not know how long he lived on Saltspring.

Jonathan and William preempted land on Gabriola Island April 15, 1874. Jonathan may have chosen his parcel based upon the fine natural spring which it contains as it is a source of wonderfully clear water. The Martin farm produced outstanding vegetables which were marketed in Nanaimo. The Nanaimo Free Press of May 9, 1874 stated that Jonathan was about to begin the cultivation of hops which he would certainly know well as Kent was a major site of hop growing in England.

We don't know when this old house was constructed but this photo taken in 2003 shows a structure long uninhabited. Jonathan's name was on the voters list of 1875 as was that of William. The latter was listed as a miner at Wellington. Jonathan served as a road superintendent and on the school board. The names of Jonathan and William were on the "Nanaimo Petition" of 1878. The census of 1881 included the names of Aaron Martin, Jonathan, Ellen, Thomas, John, Joseph. Henry, Sarah Jane, and James. Jonathan's name was on the petition against the "Settlement Act" of 1883-4 as was the name of Aaron Martin. Jonathan's name was also on the "Liquor Traffic Petition" of 1887.

Jonathan and Helen/Ellen have 11 chidren as shown in the family tree.
Jonathan married Helen/Ellen June 12, 1883 in St.Paul's, Church of England, Nanaimo. It is quite likely this photo was taken on the occasion of their wedding. We are indebted to Teresa Wardill for this photo. In a will dated November 14, 1895 Jonathan appointed his son William and his wife Ellen as Executors and Trustees. When the will was probated May 3, 1907 the estate was valued as follows: Real Estate $2500 Personal Estate $350 for a total of $2850 resulting in no estate tax. Jonathan died Jan.16, 1907 and Helen/Ellen died July 26, 1918. They were buried in the Gabriola cemetery.

The Martin boys were active competitors in sports including baseball and sculling. The Gabriola Museum has a silver trophy cup awarded to a Martin for athletic prowess.At least two boys worked in the coal mines at Wellington.

Jonathan's younger brother Aaron may have been a preemptor on Gabriola Island as we have a record of land owned by an Aaron Martin but thus far we have found no evidence to confirm this Aaron Martin was a brother of Jonathan. Aaron Martin appears on the 1841 and 1851 census of Orpington, Kent, UK but curiously there is no record of him in the parish church of All Saints. An Aaron Martin is shown an a land owner on Garbriola in 1884. The birth year of 1839 fits with his age at the Kent census of 1851 and 1881. We have no evidence of Aaron having a family nor of his time and place of death. It would appear he did not stay in British Columbia. In addition to Jonathan and Aaron two of the sons of Jonathan were land owners. One is often asked, "why did your grandfather come to the "new world"? The answer is obvious and if you do not understand it you are not conscious of a fundamental desire deep in the human genome. The desire to own land.

       " This is what I prayed for. A piece of land...not so very big,
         with  a garden and, near the house, a spring that never fails,
         and a bit of wood to round it off. All this and more
         the gods have granted. So be it. I ask for nothing else."
          HORACE 65-8 BC 

A map of Gabriola owners properties in 1884 reveals the location of the Martin holdings Jonathan, Thomas, John and Aaron among others.

Jonathan's sister Mary Ann Martin married John Laurence Featherstone. Her g-g-grandson Paul Featherstone has put together a large collection of the Martin family those in England and in Canada.

1884/85 assessment rolls for Gabriola Island
Name Location Amount Valuation Martin A. sec.1 SE 1/4 part 45 acres o.oo sec.1 SW 1/4 151 acres $700.00 Martin Aaron sec.15SW 1/4 160 acres $160.00 Martin John sec.2 SE 1/4 134 acres $450.00 Martin Jonathansec.2 NE 1/4 160 acres $600.00 Martin Thomas sec.4 SW 1/4 112 acres $420.00

				  Family Tree
		Nicholas Martin			   Phoebe Ringwood
		(abt 1736-1815)				(??-??)
	Married Dec. 15, 1783 Church of All Saints, Orpington, Kent, UK

	     Phoebe		Ann			Rebecca		William
	   (1786-??)           (1788-??)                 (1790-??)      (1807-1866)	  

			William Martin			Mary Atkinson
			  (1807-1866)                   (1803-1852)
 Jonathan   William  Rueben   Mary Ann  Aaron     Phoebe       Jane     Alice
(1831-1907)(1833-??)(1835-35)(1837-??)(1839-??)  (1841-??)   (1844-??)(1845-??)

	Jonathan	with	????(First Nations)         Mary Ann Martin m John Laurence Featherstone
		   William Martin                               (1837-??)           (1832-??)
                    (1855-1930)                                        Walter Featherstone
        Jonathan        with    Kelly of Stickene?                          (1876-??)     
		 Mary Isabella Martin                                   Charles Gordon Featherstone             
	            (1863-1893)                                               (1899-??)
		                                                        Keith Featherstone   
       Jonathan     with    Helen/Ellen of Cowichan                      Paul  Featherstone

Thomas  John  Joseph Henry Sarah  Moses James Robert Samuel  Angus  Nellie
(1865- (1867- (1869- (1876-(1877-(1878- (1880-(1884- (1886- (1887- (1890-
 1887)  1944)  1891)  1952) 1900) 1916)  1957) 1973)  1934)  1964)  1916)

William Martin
The first son of Jonathan and an unknown First Nations woman he was born in Nanaimo Oct. 13, 1855 according to the census of 1901. If he travelled to Cowichan and Saltspring Island with his father we have no record of it. He preempted land on Gabriola Island April 14, 1874 adjacent to that of his father. His name appears on the voters list of 1875 when he is listed as a miner at Wellington. He married Margaret McColl Dec.23, 1875 in the Church of England, Nanaimo. George Mason officiated. His bride was born in Ireland to Andrew McColl and Catherine McColl. On the marriage registration he lists his age as 23 and Margaret lists hers as 18 so we cannot be certain of either birth year. We have found a number of inconsistancies on archival documents. Both were residents of Wellington. From the 1901 census we have the following:

Name		 Place of Birth   Date of Birth   Age Occup. 
William (head)     BC		Oct.13, 1855   45  coal miner 
Margaret (wife) Ireland         Jun. 6, 1855   45  
Joseph (son)       BC           Oct.10, 1877   23  freight clerk 
William(son)       BC           Jun. 1, 1879   21  cigar maker 
Sarah (daughter)   BC           Jun.13, 1880   20   
Maggie(daughter)   BC           Feb.16, 1882   19  dress maker 
Mary J.(daughter)  BC           May 18. 1886   14   
Edward (son)       BC           Jul.25, 1889   12   
John (son)         BC           Mar. 3, 1890   11   

He worked in Seattle for many years before retiring in 1929. We do no know his occupation during those years. Many of the children moved to the US with him. After retirement he moved back to Gabriola for a short time. He was accompanied by his daughter Margaret who had lived with him for many years. When he became ill with heart disease Margaret took him back to his doctor in Seattle where he died Jan.17, 1930. A will was probated in Canada in which he left $1.00 each to Joseph of Ladysmith, William of Everett Washington, John of Tacoma, Sadie of Seattle and Marie of Seattle. To his daughter Margaret who had served as his housekeeper for many years he left the remainder of his estate. The estate consisted of a Ford automobile valued at $50.00, a 1/9 interest in 34 sheep valued at $28.34 and a 1/9 interest in land on Gabriola valued at $38.81. The total of the estate was $667.21. Joseph, the Ladysmith station agent, married Mrytle Grace Gilfillan Nov. 18,1907. The bride's parents where Alex Gilfillan and Jane Bennett. She was born in Detroit, USA. The wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents in Wellington Rev. J.M. Millar officiating. Myrtle Grace Martin died in Victoria, October 16, 1951. I worked in the Canadian Pacific Express office in Duncan 1947-1950 20 miles from Ladysmith never knowning a first cousin was in Ladysmith. My father never mentioned a half brother William presumably because William was married before my father was born. It is most likely that a number of descendants of Jonathan live in Washington State.

Mary Isabella
The little information we have on Mary Isabella who was apparently the first daughter of Jonathan is derived from her marriage certificate. Her age is listed as 28 on the marriage certificate in 1883 and as 32 on her death certificate in 1893. She married David Samuel Roberts June 12, 1883 in Nanaimo. This is interesting in that she was married the same day as Jonathan and Helen/Ellen in the same church by the same minister, J.B. Good. Mary Isabella gave her place of birth as Victoria and her mother "Kelly of Stickene". It is very difficult to read the name of her mother on this archival document. David Roberts was born in Wales and had land on Mudge Island. They had four children before Mary Isabella died in childbirth Feb.4, 1893. She was buried in the Gabriola cemetery. .
     David Roberts         Mary Isabella Martin

 LLewelleyn M. John David    Edward Voltaire Ivor Prosser
 (1884-1975)   (1886-1970)    (1887-1965)    (1890-1976?)

Thomas Martin
We presume Thomas was the first son of Jonathan and Helen/Ellen born prior to their arrival on Gabriola as he was born May 24, 1865 according to baptismal records at St. Paul's church. We do not know where he was born. We do not have a marriage certificate which would have been helpful. He was a land owner on Gabriola according to the 1884/85 assessments. The Gabriola museum artifacts and archives web page under exhibits--other exhibits there is a map of the island showing land owners and location of holdings in 1885. Jonathan, John, Thomas and Aaron Martin are shown as land holders. Thomas was said to be the best athlete in the family. He worked in the mines at Wellington and died in a mine explosion May 3, 1887. He was buried in the Gabriola cemetery where his stone is the only marked grave of the Martins buried there.

John Martin

John was born March 10, 1867 according to the baptismal records of St. Paul's church. He gave his place of birth as Saltspring Island on his marriage certificate. John Martin was a land owner or preemptor on Gabriola. His father may have given him some property. He was active in competitive sculling and was mentioned many times in the Nanaimo Free Press of 1891 and 1892. He married Charlotte Sampson, daughter of Henry Sampson, who came on the Norman Morison with Jonathan. Henry Sampson lived on Saltspring Island and married Lucy of the First Nations. Charlotte was listed as 16 years of age. The wedding was Dec.13, 1893 in the Church of England in Nanaimo conducted by the Rev. Good. John listed himself as a farmer on the marriage certificate. I never met all of my uncles but based upon this photo of John I would consider him a strong contender to be the best looking of the Martin boys. John died March 3, 1944 and was buried in the Gabriola cemetery.

     John Martin              Charlotte Sampson
      (1867-1944)              (1878-1909)   
       Henry Chester    John Edward                    Mary Jane.        Gertrude 
      (1895-1968)     (1896-1982)                     (1900-1925)       (1903-1911)

    Henry Chester  married  Rose Henrietta Roland       Mary Jane    married  James Edward Silva
                   June 3, 1927                                     July 3, 1919
                Muriel Martin
        Muriel Martin    married     Rueben Parker

              John Edward   married  Irene Lavinia Weeks
                         Nov. 22, 1922
                        Edward Merlin Martin
                           (1923-    )
                         Derrald Maurice Martin

           Edward Merlin  married  Izala Kemper      Edward Merlin married  Olive Genette Copley
                   Teresa Mae Martin                               Philip Todd Martin
                      (1950-2008)                                  Keith Edward Martin
                                                                   Kirby Loren Martin
                                                      Philip Todd married Glenna Annette Duval
                                                                  married Karen LaNuma Zacker

                                                      Keith Edward married Ramona Castillo

                                                      Kirby Loren married Neti/Enoung Yati Heryati

            Derrald Maurice Martin married Alice Carolin Chalcraft
                    Jeanette Yvonne Martin
                Derrald and Alice adopted Kurt Martin & Sandra Martin

                    Jeanette Yvonne  married  William Green
            Teresa Mae married Robert Lynn Slayton
                       married Clifford James Taubeneck


Charlotte died March 29, 1909, age 31, so that Chester and Mary were raised on Saltspring by their aunt Matilda (nee Sampson) Nelson. Chester served in the army during WW I and we have a picture of him in uniform with his aunt kindly provided by Rocky Sampson. Mary Jane whose photo we have on the left married James Edward Silva July 3, 1919. Mary Jane Silva died Oct. 28, 1925 age 24.

Henry Chester married Rose Henrietta Roland June 3, 1927 on Mayne Island. He died at Ganges July 27, 1968.

John Edward Martin emigrated to the USA in 1918 to join the navy He worked at the Bremerton Naval yard and became a US citizen. His offspring are all of US citizenship. Two have served with distinction in the armed forces. Photos of his family kindly provided by Philip, great-grandson of John.

Joseph Martin

Joseph was born June 12, 1869 according to the baptismal record at St. Paul's church. We know very little of Joseph although his fatal accident was documented in the Nanaimo Free Press in 1891. On May 30,1891 he was leading two large draught horses to be transported to Vancouver Island when he was struck in the head suffering a very severe injury. He was hospitalized and lingered until his death July 10,1891 at age 22. He was buried in the Gabriola cemetery.

Henry Martin

Henry was born Dec. 31, 1876 on Gabriola. His birth was the first of the children recorded in the B.C. Archives and one of only three we have been able to find. The other two were Robert and Angus. He had an apparent common-law relationship with the mother of his children. We have not found any record of a marriage. Mary Ann Wilson was born in Canada the daughter of Henry Wilson and Mary Cootes. Although we could not find a marriage certificate both Henry and Mary Ann had a spouse listed on their death certificate. Henry died in Cobble Hill Dec. 2, 1952 at the age of 77.

          Henry Martin           Mary Ann Wilson

        Mildred May   Ethel Rita    Myrtle Olga                                      	       
        (1908-1963)   (1909-1934)   (1915-1981) 

Mildred and Ethel had no children to our knowledge.   
Myrtle Olga had a child, Gerald Wayne Martin, born Jan. 13, 1937, prior to her marriage to Howard
Edgar Wright.

         Gerald Wayne Martin  married Marilyn Holiday
           Michelle Leah     Tracy Marie   Gregory Gerald
             (1964-   )         (1967-   )    (1970-   )

       Mary Ann Wilson had a child with George Petrunia
          Raymond Randolf Martin
Obviously Raymond is not a blood relative of the Martin family. He was apparently such a unique and charming man I have included him in the family page. Why and how he took the surname of Martin and not that of biological father is unknown.

Sarah Jane Martin

Sarah Jane Martin married George Jackson from Manchester England Oct.19, 1899. The marriage took place in the Church of England in Nanaimo with Rev. Good officiating. Sarah died in childbirth Nov. 25, 1900 and the son named George after his father did not survive one year, dying Aug. 6, 1901.

Moses Martin

Moses Martin's name appears in the Nanaimo Free Press for deportment in school. He married Clara Wilson (cousin to Mary Ann Wilson) Feb.15, 1905. The bride's parents were listed as John Andrew Wilson and Ida (Cootes) Wilson. The marriage took place in the Wallace Street Parsonage, Nanaimo, A.M. Sanford, Methodist Minister officiating. Moses listed himself as a logger on the marriage certificate. From the 1911 census we have the following.


         Name               Relation       Date of Birth       Age 
   Moses Martin              Head            1880               31
   Clara Martin              Wife        Jan. 1891              20
   George Martin              Son        Nov. 1906               5
   Edith Martin              Daughter    Aug. 1908               3
   Ronald Martin              Son        Mar. 1910               1
Moses birth year is inconsistent with the 1901 census which lists his birth year as 1878. Moses collapsed and died suddenly April 15, 1916 at the age of 39 following a foot race with his young son. We are indebted to Nadine Wilson for information on the Wilson family connections to the Martin family.

James Martin
James was my father. He was a logger who began working as line horseman pulling the line for a one drum donkey in 1898. He was falling timber around Cowichan Lake in 1902. In those days fallers sharpened their own saws. He became so proficient he became a full time filer. In 1915 he was filing saws for Matt Hemmingsen at Wardroper bay. He related that the first time he came to the Cowichan Lake he had to walk in. He came to camp 6 to work for I.T.M in 1933. He lived in Camp 6 (later called Caycuse) until 1945 when he moved to Duncan where he died March 21, 1957. He married Sarah Jane Yates Sept.2, 1928. This was a picture at the time of the wedding. The bride had come from England to visit relatives in Haney, B.C. Jim was an avid hunter and fisherman. He taught his sons the "art" of hunting deer.The picture of me with my trophy buck shot just after my 12th birthday attests to the hunting skill of my father. He was a skilled craftsman who could make knives and tools from basic materials. He continued filing saws until the week before his death of a myocardial infarction. He was a very private person who did not reveal much of his family nor of his life prior to marriage. He told us that when he asked his father when he was born his father told him,"Some time in the middle of March." Given the choice my father decided to celebrate his birthday on March 17th. We assumed, for reasons I am uncertain, that he was born in 1881. However, his age was listed as 4 in the 1881 census twelve in the census of 1891 and 20 in the 1901 census with a birth date of November 1880. This would make him 4 months of age in 1881 which is a reasonable fit with these dates and census. This points up the inaccuracies of archival documents. It has been decided to list James birth year as 1880 as a reasonable compromise with three census dates. When he was to marry it was discovered he had been baptized by a Catholic priest at Cowichan. This leads me to believe that Helen/Ellen was baptized by the Catholic missionary of Cowichan. On her marriage certificate the religion of the bride was left blank. James baptismal certificate was used to qualify him for the Canada pension as there was no official record of his birth as was the case with many children in the 19th century. Married later in life he did live to see his first grandsons. My mother, Sadie, a widow for 30 years lived into her 92nd year. This picture was taken when she was in her 90's. An orphan in Lancashire by age 11, she was working full time in the cotton mills by age 13. Despite a very difficult childhood she never lost her upbeat cheerful personality.

	   James Martin        Sarah Jane Yates
           (1880-1957)           (1894-1987)
                married Sept.2, 1928
    Donald Carl  	                 Gerald James
    Nov.1, 1929                           1931-1969

Donald m Carol Y. Auchinachie                 Gerald m Lily M.M. Salter
      (June 11, 1955)                             (June 3, 1954)
Catherine    Marianne   Jennifer       James Robert  Donald Christopher   Judith Ann            David William
 Sept.4/60  Apr.14/64  Jan.12/68      Mar.14/55           May2/56      Jun.6/57-Jun.13,2015     May 2/61-Feb.23/12
Catherine m James Farmer        Marianne m Christopher Dundon     Jennifer m Stephen McInteer
    Dec.20, 1999                      Mar.17, 1990                    Dec. 5, 1986

                         Will Davis Dundon  Zane Michael Dundon
                            Mar. 27/94          Apr. 5/96

James R. m Vickie Cox   Donald C. m Julie   Judith A. m Martin Ravenstein   David W. m Sarina Erickson
   Feb.29/80                 Aug./83                                             Oct.26/85

Gareth G.J.             Sean C.             Lisa Ravenstein                       Paige
Apr.5/81                                     (1984-2002)                         Apr.16/91
Morgan W.               Corry J.            Mark Ravenstein    
Jun.15/82                                  Mark married Rebecca
Denby N.                                     Piper Lisa Ravenstein
Jul.23/84                                     Oct. 20, 2014

James Robert m. Tina-Marie Storms     Judith Ann m. Mark Koeleman

Donald and Gerald began their education in the one room school house in Camp 6. They both graduated from the University of British Columbia. Donald in Medicine in 1957 and Gerald in Arts in 1956. Don married Carol Auchinachie in Duncan, June 11, 1955. Carol's maternal grandfather was John Stephen Muir, adopted son of Robert Muir. Robert came to BC with his father the John Muir who came to BC on the Harpooner in 1849 to head the coal miners, initially at Fort Rupert and later in Nanaimo. As he was the "Overman" John Muir Sr. received an annual salary of 100 pounds, a great deal more than the other miners. Carol's paternal great-grandfather John Newell Evans arrived in B.C. in 1864 and left a diary of his journey and of life in the Cowichan Valley. Following his internship in Vancouver Donald moved to California to study the surgical specialty of Urology at UCLA. Following a 6 year residency and Bank of America Giannini Foundation Fellowship to study renal transplantation he joined the faculty of UCLA. He soon became the director of the renal transplant program. His efforts resulted in the UCLA transplant program becoming one of the most active in the US. He initiated a program of cadaveric transplants and organ sharing in Los Angeles. The first such activity in the western states. He cofounded the Los Angeles Transplant society to facilitate the organ sharing and experiences. In 1969 he moved to the University of California at Irvine in Orange County to become Professor of Surgery and chief of Urology. He trained 41 urologists and contributed 140 articles to the scientific literature. He personally performed hundreds of renal transplants. He became a member of the elite associations in urology and transplantation. He was active in the American College of Surgeons, serving as a Governor and as president of the Southern California Chapter. He retired in 1994 after thirty years service to the University of California. His recreational passion was tennis in which he competed at the club, regional and national level. He was ranked in Southern California in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Gerald attended Royal Roads and Royal Military College in Kingston Ontario. He chose to make a career in the army. He was an outstanding leader. The summer of 1952 while at Camp Borden he was awarded the first General Worthington Honor Sword as the outstanding cadet. He went on to serve in Korea and Germany. The top candidate for staff college, he chose Sandhurst, the premier institution in the UK. He was the youngest Lt.Colonel in the Canadian Army when appointed commander of the Fort Garry Horse in Calgary in 1968. He fell to his death after leading a group to place a memorial and regimental colour on newly named Mount Worthington in the Yukon. The Fort Garry Horse have honored their fallen leader with a memorial park at their barracks in Winnipeg. This stone with plaque will be among others recognizing the fallen of this great regiment. Jerry retained his boyhood love of hunting and fishing in which he participated throughout Canada and Europe.

Jerry's son Jim has become an accomplished birder and photographer. His web page is well worth viewing.

The author takes pride in putting the great-great grandsons of Jonathan and Helen/Ellen, Will Dundon, age 17 and Zane Dundon age 15 on the web. Will made Eagle scout in 2012.

This picture represents Don and Carol in their salad years circ. 1975.

Catherine married a Marine, James Farmer, and moved to Arkansas where she enjoys her own "spread". She competes in "hunter-jumper" with great success. The photo shows her clearing 2 feet six inches on Max.

Marianne is a tennis enthusiast who continues to compete with great success in local tournaments. She is in great demand as a doubles partner not only for her tennis skills but also because of her personal qualities.

Jennifer our blond is very successful in business and a lover of antiques who happily patrols fairs and sales.

Wil Dundon graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in mechanical engineering in 2016.

Robert Martin

Robert was born on Gabriola Feb.4, 1884 as recorded in the B.C. Archives. A superb athlete, he was a champion log roller (burling) and he competed in wrestling and boxing. This picture was taken when he played baseball for the Courtenay Cubs. The Nanaimo Free Press of March 13, 1905 carried an announcement of a pending boxing match between Robert Martin and a Chemainus man and then the details of the bout held in Chemainus on March 17, 1905. All his life he was doing exercises to keep "in shape". He was competing in age group events into his 50's. He worked on the railroad as a conductor for Comox Logging for a great many years. He married Mildred Pritchard the daughter of a Comox valley pioneer James A Pritchard and Margaret (?Cameron?) Pritchard. The marriage took place in St. Andrew's Manse, Presbyterian Church, Nanaimo, April 3, 1912. Bob was a very popular man with many friends in and around Comox. Robert died Nov. 10, 1973 at age 88. Neil and Eleanor sank their roots into the Comox valley and enjoyed a rich life there. Neil passed June 26, 2008. Eleanor passed July 25, 2012.

                  Robert Martin    married April 3, 1912        Mildred Pritchard
                   (1884-1973)                                     (1889-1966)

       Grace Patricia  Constance Mildred  Muriel Evelyn  Robert Neil 
        (1913-1987)      (1914-1991)        (1916-1987)     (1921-2008)

     Grace Martin    married    Sam Carter
           Patricia Diane Carter    
              Jan 14, 1941
                        Patricia Carter married Don Wyllychuk
          Constance Martin    married  Herbert Allan Bratt
              (1914-1991)              (1914-1996) 
  Allan David Neil Bratt    Douglas Allan Bratt	   Mary Elizabeth Bratt
    (1943-1943)                    (1946-  )             (1953-  )
              Douglas Allan Bratt    married   Kimberley Jane Lacey
                                                  mother of Bryan Craig Alger
                                                         Heidi Marie Herlihy
                                  Seamus      Danielle  Kira   Brianna  Kathleen Alger
                                  (1988-)      (1990-) (1992-) (1998-)   (2004-)	

Keith Quentin Bratt        Tracey Kathleen Bratt      Rachel Elizabeth Bratt    Heather Ann Bratt
   (1966-)                     (1968-)                    (1976-)                   (1978-)  
    married                   married                      married                     married
  Ramona Rollins              Darrin Smith              Trapper Howard        Timothy Grant Heggie

Courtenay Dawn Bratt         Michael Ellsworth Smith     Savannah Lynn Howard     Noah Allan Grant Heggie
   (1989-)                      (1988-)                     (1997-)                   (2004-)
                             Logen Ashley Smith           Benson Steel Howard
                                (1990-)                      (2000-)
                             Kailey Jane Smith           Dane Hughston Howard
                                (1992-)                      (2004-)
                             Dallan Cade Smith
                             Raycelan Lacy Smith
                             Macin Darrin Smith
Keith Quentin 
Karen Davies

Raeley Hunter Bratt
Jackson Tanner Bratt
Sidney Diane Bratt
Alex Lacey Bratt                
                 Muriel Evelyn Martin married John Paone

       Julia Ann Paone             Glenn Anthony Robert Paone
         Mar 25, 1946                 April 2, 1954

  Julia Ann Paone  married  Kenneth Cameron Lane

           Andrea     Lane     John Lane
             Dec. 6, 1979    

                 Robert Neil Martin   married   Eleanor Burritt

      Linda Elin Martin          Susan Lee Martin       Melody Ethel Martin
       Jan 12, 1946                 July 22, 1948             (1957-2001)

                           Susan Lee Martin  married  David Shaw
                              Scott Shaw              Cindy Shaw
                              Nov.16, 1973            Sept. 27, 1977

Samuel Martin

Samuel married Rose Erwood who was born in Islington, England. Her parents were Frederick Francis Erwood and Hannah Eames. The marriage took place in the Congregational Church in Vancouver, July 2, 1919. Sam listed himself as a blacksmith. He built a home on Gabriola and lived there with his family. The children attended school on Gabriola. A reunion of the three schools on Gabriola was held on August 4, 1984. From this meeting Peggy Lewis Imredy put together a volume of reminiscences for publication. These are a marvelous collection of memories and photos of students who attended the three schools on Gabriola island. They cover a large range of years. A second file is necessary to cover all of the material. Although no longer available on the web I have them as a pdf file it the reader would like to see them. Samuel served in France in WWI with his brother Angus. Sam drowned Oct. 15, 1934 leaving his widow with three small children. Rose was a sweet lady barely 5 feet tall. Douglas and James served in the Navy while still teenagers, during WWII. Tragically their son Samuel James drowned in Port Alberni Dec. 13, 1975 at the age of 50. Rose Martin died August 25, 1987 in her 100th year. Lucille Martin, widow of Samuel James, owned and lived on the Martin farm of Gabriola in 2001. This photo was taken on the farm in 1994. From left to right are Jim Martin son of Gerald, Dr. Donald Martin, Lucille Martin and her daughter Teresa Wardill. Teresa has preserved the ancient photographs of Jonathan and Helen/Ellen. The Martin farm was sold in 2001 and passed out of the family. Nellie was married several times.

           Samuel Martin             Rose Erwood
                married July 2, 1919

   Nellie Florence                                   Douglas                              Samuel James
    (1920-1960)                                    (1922-)                              (1925-1975)

Nellie Florence married Smokey Moore         Douglas married Eileen        Samuel James  married Verona Lucille Sheehan

          Russel Moore                                                  Kelvin James     Verona Rose     Gloria   Brenda    Teresa
Russel Moore married Sheryl Kehoe                                            Kelvin James married Rosemary
                                                                                      Aaron   and Kelly-Ann
       Dean Moore married ???                                                 Verona Rose  married Michael Linden
                                                                                        Kim        Michael 
 Alex Justin Kirsten and Braiden Moore                                                                                         
                                                                                     Kim  married Richard Baan
                                                                                         Isabella     Gabrielle
Nellie Florence  married  ??? Warner                                                                            
                                                                                   Michael Linden has three children  
      Vincent Warner                                                               Tyson  Cameron   Carter
                                                                                        Gloria married  Peter
 Vincent Warner married  Bonnie ???
 Darren  Dallas Suzanne Warner                                              Brenda has twins   Caitlin  and Brianna
                                                                                   Teresa  married  John Wardill
Vincent Warner  married Carol ??

     Katharyn Rose Warner


Angus Martin

Angus was born on Gabriola Feb. 27, 1887 as recorded in the B.C. Archives. He enrolled in the Army in 1915 arriving in England aboard the SS Missanabrie Nov. 23 1915.He suffered a gunshot wound at the Battle of the Somme Sept. 15, 1916 while serving with the 47th Canadians. After recovery in England he returned to France to suffer a second wound. He and brother Samuel are on the Honor Roll of Gabriola Island. Angus listed himself as a farmer on his marriage certificate. He married Mary Taylor July 7, 1922 in the Gabriola Presbyterian Church. Mary's maiden name was Quinton. Her first husband's name was Taylor of whom we have no knowledge. Mary was a widow with a son William Taylor. Billie Taylor was a wonderful man, a fisherman, who always had the best boat and the most modern equipment. Angus and Mary lived on Gabriola but had no children of their own. After Mary died Angus married again and lived in Victoria. Angus died Dec. 31, 1964 in Saanich. He was buried in the Esquimalt Veterans cemetery.

Nellie Martin

The last of Jonathan and Helen/Ellen's children was a girl, my father's favorite. She had a child out of wedlock, Carl Martin. Carl was a wonderful man. He had a great career as a fireman for the city of Vancouver. He lived for many years in Burnaby but moved to the Okanagen valley where he died in 1995. Carl was married to Greta and had one son Edward. Nellie married Emick Sparrow April 17, 1913 in St. Paul's Church Nanaimo. Emick was the son of John Charles Sparrow and Mary of the First Nations. They had a child James Gordon Sparrow who died Sept. 20, 1913 at less than one year of age. Nellie died Nov. 16, 1916 of tuberculosis.

Professor Jean Barham has noted two daughters and five sons of Jonathan married Anglos which was unusual for 1st generation offspring from a mixed racial marriage. I don't know the reason for this but I would like to think the parenting provided by Ellen may have been a factor.

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